Frank Taylor Memorial Award

Members who have had the honor of receiving the
Frank K. Taylor Memorial Firefighter of the Year award.

Romano Petrucco 1981 (Inmemoriam)
Richard Strickland 1982
Martin Wirsig 1982
Paul Alteri 1983
Leonard Warfle 1984
Paul A. Dennis 1985
Carl Hart 1986
Roy Rounseville 1987
Diane Minnard 1988
Kevin Whitney 1989
Mike Cincotta 1990
Peter Alteri 1991
Steven Evens 1992
Ryan Riese 1993
Michael J. Nichols 1994
Peter Alteri 1995
Jeff Sloan 1996

Wayne Friedman 1997
Paul Holl 1998
Glenn Sloan 1999
Don Gardner 2000
Michael Stec 2001
Doug Staley 2002
Charles Morse 2003
Jason Henry & Gere Henry 2004
Jared Gabel 2005
Joshua Aumick 2006
Kevin Whitney 2007
Rick Reddick 2008
Mike Stitely 2009
Carl Hart 2010
Alaric Saufley 2011
Kristen Smith 2012


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The year is 1973. There is no fire department in the Town of Cortlandville. The Homer and McGraw Fire Departments are providing fire protection, under financial contract with the Town of Cortlandville. On September 20th, 1973 at 02:10 in the morning a fire call went out in the Town of Cortlandville... READ MORE