In an effort to provide the most efficient response to the businesses in the Cortlandville Fire District, The Cortlandville Fire Department is in the process of updating emergency contact information for your business. The importance of correct information in the event of an emergency allows the Fire Department to better do its job, and also assures that communication to a property owner is established. All information is confidential and will not be given out other than to the County 911 center, as they predominately make calls for the department.
The Fire Department is also stressing the importance of a Knox Box key lock system. This system became mandatory in 2000 by Town of Cortlandville Local Law no. 1-2000. All new structures that have a fire alarm system must provide a Knox box on the structure. Any existing structures other than one or two family dwellings were to comply with the local law on January 1, 2001. This system provides a secure means to store keys to a structure for fire department use only. This allows immediate mitigation of a problem by the department without having to wait for a key holder to respond. This saves valuable time and will prevent unnecessary damage during forced entry.
If you have any questions regarding the fire department, its services, or setting up a tour of your facilities, please feel free to contact Chief Henry or Deputy Chief Gebel at (607) 753-9014 Extension #12.

Cortlandville Knox Box Information

Cortlandville Fire District
999 State Route 13
Cortland, NY 13045-3548

System Code: PS-42-0257-03-99
If you are a Cortlandville Resident then you must provide this code to KNOX in order for them to properly key your Knox Box.

Click here to learn more about the Knox Box Rapid Entry System


For more information regarding the Cortlandville Fire Department or how you too can become a member fill out Volunteer Form and someone from the department will reach out to you soon. 


The year is 1973. There is no fire department in the Town of Cortlandville. The Homer and McGraw Fire Departments are providing fire protection, under financial contract with the Town of Cortlandville. On September 20th, 1973 at 02:10 in the morning a fire call went out in the Town of Cortlandville... READ MORE