Line Officers

Jared Gebel – Chief of Department, 1361
Gere Henry – Deputy Fire Chief, 1362
Michael Biviano – Assistant Fire Chief, 1363
David Denniston – Assistant Fire Chief, 1364
Josh Aumick – Fire Captain, 1371
Bob Bombard – Fire Captain, 1372
Alaric Saufley – Fire Captain, 1373
Pat Carrier – Fire Captain, 1374

Business Officers

Brian Pendell – President
John Pickard – Vice President
Scott Roman – Treasurer
Kelly Pendell – Secretary


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The year is 1973. There is no fire department in the Town of Cortlandville. The Homer and McGraw Fire Departments are providing fire protection, under financial contract with the Town of Cortlandville. On September 20th, 1973 at 02:10 in the morning a fire call went out in the Town of Cortlandville... READ MORE