Interested in becoming a member of the Cortlandville Fire Department? Please complete the following application form. You will be contacted by the membership committee regarding the status of your application. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Cortlandville Fire Department.


Type of Membership

Are you 16 years of age or older?

Is additional information about a change in your name or your use of an assumed name or nickname necessary to enable a check on your eligibility for membership?

Are you currently employed?

Do you have a valid New York State Drivers License?

Please indicate your availability to participate in normally required fire department activities (meetings, trainings, emergency calls). Check available times:

Do you have previous emergency services experience? (Fire, Rescue, Police and Emergency Medical Services agencies)

Have you ever been a member of the United States Armed Forces?

If you have been a member of the United States Armed Forces, Did you receive a dishonorable discharge? (Dishonorable discharge is not an absolute bar to membership, This and other factors will effect a final membership decision.)

Have you ever been convicted or pled guilty to a felony, misdemeanor, insurance fraud, arson, sex offense or a reduction of one of these offenses?

OSHA regulations require that you pass a physical examination before becoming a member of the department. CVFD's designated physician_will provide you with a free medical examination. Will you be willing to undergo a medical examination? (The results of the medical examination will determine the applicants designated capacity)


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For more information regarding the Cortlandville Fire Department or how you too can become a member fill out Volunteer Form and someone from the department will reach out to you soon. 


The year is 1973. There is no fire department in the Town of Cortlandville. The Homer and McGraw Fire Departments are providing fire protection, under financial contract with the Town of Cortlandville. On September 20th, 1973 at 02:10 in the morning a fire call went out in the Town of Cortlandville... READ MORE